Current Trends in Tax Compliance for Real Estate and Private Equity

German tax law is in a constant state of flux; after months of coalition negotiations, the government is functioning once again, and 2018 sees another Annual Tax Act. It focusses, once again, on share deals in terms of both the land transfer tax and income tax. Key topics such as the appropriate rate of interest on shareholder loans (keywords: general group recourse), or the repayment of contributions from non-EU countries, have gained in momentum. In the area of the recognition of liquidation losses from equity investments held in private assets and losses from loans, the rulings of the German Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) show a positive trend. At the moment, there is also hope that the Federal Fiscal Court (BFH) will change its mind in the area of commercial infection. This article aims to highlight the key developments and their relevance for the practice.

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Parker Randall/ Real Estate Tax Compliance in Germany

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