Digital receipt transfer

The future of outsourced bookkeeping

If you outsource your bookkeeping, you probably send your accountant receipts by post. They then book the receipts and return them by snail mail. This whole cycle costs you time and money – and what’s more, you will not always have the documentation you need to hand. Digital receipt transfer simplifies the entire process flow.


You no longer have to collect, sort and send your receipts to your accountant. Instead, you can transmit them by fax or email to the receipts station at the DATEV data centre. You can also access your electronic receipt archive at DATEV at any time. Once the receipts have been booked, we send you an up-to-the-minute digital overview of the figures for your books plus a cost accounting analysis if required. Our data processing software recognizes the information on your scanned receipts that is relevant for financial accounting. Each receipt is matched to an underlying transaction, ensuring transparency and traceability. Digital receipt transfer also saves you the time and hassle of sifting through piles of papers and gives you the reassurance of an audit-ready secure receipt archive.

Why LM?

Our digital bookkeeping system frees us up to spend our time on the things that really matter to our clients – checking that all receipts are correct and valid, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and creating intelligent, actionable reports. Automating receipt transfer and booking translates into productivity gains for us and quality gains for your bookkeeping.

How does it work?

  • You send incoming and outgoing receipts and invoices every day/week/month by fax or email to the DATEV receipts station.
  • We import your receipts into our IT system.
  • We receive your bank statements directly from your bank.
  • We also receive your electronic cash book and cash book receipts digitally.
  • We use all this electronic data to prepare your financial statements.
  • You can quickly access the results and evaluations online.

Want to find out more? Just get in touch. Our digital platform is also ideal for payroll accounting.


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