Come to see us. Happ to talk.

This year we will be represented at the International Trade Fair for Property and Investment EXPO REAL 2022 with an own both.

We will be on-site together with our Luxembourg cooperation partners from AVEGA.

AVEGA (www.avega.lu) is a full-service provider based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with a focus in fund incorporation and fund administration but also audit and tax compliance.

Moreover AVEGA Capital Management S.A. (ACM) is an independent, owner-managed service AIFM.

Working as regulated manager under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) ACM provides access to regulated fund structures in the Luxembourg market to Asset Managers, Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance and other Companies. Finally ACM provides access to a European Marketing Passport for professional investors.

LM Audit & Tax GmbH is a Munich based specialised boutique with a focus on fund administration, fund accounting, tax due diligence and tax compliance in Germany.

Both companies are owner-managed and legally independent. We serve joint clients on Luxembourg and German side with real estate of all asset classes.

Please contact us. We will be happy to introduce ourselves during a personal meeting at Expo to explain what extra-value we will be able to add to your real estate projects.

Your LM contacts:

Thomas Jäger           

Tax Advisor

Phone: +49 89 896044-24      


Maximilian Bodenhagen

Certified Public Auditor, Tax Advisor

Phone.: +49 89 896044-54


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