Local Desk

“Local Desk”: Solutions for foreign companies with operations in Germany

Those responsible for German subsidiaries or permanent establishments in international corporations are faced with the constant challenge of having to meet a number of statutory obligations. LM is a reliable partner that works proactively to indicate risks and discover possible courses of action during the foundation of and in the normal course of business.

How you benefit

Because of our years of experience and large number of clients, we are very familiar with international practices and requirements. We develop sustainable solutions for our clients in the areas of accounting, taxation, and law, in which all compliance requirements are met.

LM staff has broad skills and extensive experience. We always match the requirements and needs of our clients with an appropriate team, and where necessary we make sure that team members are fluent in English.

It is important to actively serve our clients and to not burden them with unnecessary and lengthy theoretical explanations. Whenever necessary, we take you by the hand as a partner and reliably guide you in planning and implementation. For this and many other reasons we have enjoyed certain client relationships spanning more than 20 years.
In cross-border situations, we work with our clients’ existing advisors or fall back on our international network partners.

In “Local Desk” we engage with German subsidiaries and the offices/permanent establishments of predominantly European and US corporations, some of which are market-listed.

The nature and scope of our activities depends heavily on the needs of our clients, their size (German start-up or an established, large subsidiary), as well as their own resources. Our range of services includes:

  • Registration of permanent establishments
  • Foundation of companies
  • Transfer of current payroll and financial accounting and the possibility of payment processing
  • Preparation of reports
  • Creation of individual and consolidated financial statements for both commercial requirements and corporate policies (IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.)
  • Supervision of auditors
  • Reviews of companies that do not require auditing
  • Preparation of tax balances and deferred tax calculations
  • Implementation of the current tax declarations
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Preparation of tax reports
  • Support for restructuring
  • Transfer pricing

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