Munich: In the heart of Europe

The Munich area combines tradition and modernity. It offers the best location in terms of excellent infrastructure, an exceptionally high quality of life, and a guaranteed steady growth. Munich is situated in the centre of Europe, with all economic centres easily reachable from Munich by plane, road, or railway in a maximum of two hours. Local and international networks, cultural diversity, capital, personnel, and a wide variety of on-site services are among the many qualities that give us such a distinct advantage. This of course benefits our team as well, who enjoy the very high quality of life Munich offers.

Our choice of location is also influenced by our firm’s philosophy. For us, it is important to be close to all clients. We consciously selected a convenient location west of the prestigious city centre. Companies in Germany, as well as those abroad which are not anchored in the Munich area, can benefit from our advantageous services and location. Our domiciliation services have helped many entrepreneurs gain a foothold in Germany or right in Munich itself.