Private Clients

Complex challenges require personal solutions

Every year tax law is becoming increasingly more complex for individuals – despite talk of reform. Income, gift, and inheritance taxes are all becoming more and more regulated. The advice of an expert should always be sought when looking to safeguard assets, particularly in cross-border situations. Ignorance of complex rules means there is a risk of paying higher taxes or committing tax offences. Help from a knowledgeable and neutral third party regarding income and investments can prove invaluable.

How you benefit

The fulfilment of tax obligations is a time-consuming, stressful, and complex task for private individuals. Good and proactive tax advice and tax planning cannot be replaced by a standard income tax program. Professional support leads to greater security and the protection of your assets, and it can relieve you of a great burden. The lack of informed consultation is actually more expensive than paying to get the advice you need.

Private matters require trust, and in our dealings with private clients discretion is key. Based on knowledge of the personality and individual goals of our clients, we can offer long-term advice, and because we have specialists in tax and legal advice and a wide range of interdisciplinary fields, we can provide our private clients with comprehensive solutions from a single source.

We also advise our clients on interfacing between private and business spheres in order to obtain an optimal solution for their tax situation. We are happy to help our private clients through ongoing consultation in the planning of investments, succession, or in the analysis of assets and sources of income (we refrain from offering specific investment picks as we would thereby lose neutrality).

When it comes to tax and legal matters, we are a reliable partner to have at your side.

Our private clients range from internationally operating individuals with large assets, to shareholders of our corporate clients, to freelancers and independent contractors, to those who are retired from active working life. We can help expatriates and impatriates with their cross-border tax issues. Many of our clients plan their successions with us with the aim of transferring their property to the next generation with a tax-saving advantage.

  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Multiannual tax planning
  • Asset and income analysis
  • Investment analysis with tax implications
  • Tax issues relating to pensions
  • Gift and inheritance tax return preparation
  • Anticipated succession advice
  • Succession planning advice

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