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A reliable partner on your way through the tax jungle

Tax law in Germany is not criticized unjustly. It can be particularly opaque and incomprehensible by EU standards. Tax burdens are therefore becoming less predictable and make it more difficult to make long-term decisions. Internationalization both in business and in the private sector has advanced considerably. Efforts to bring the tax code up to speed are lagging far behind. Only through the daily examination of tax regulations is it possible to keep abreast of the issues that matter – which is necessary in order to be a viable partner.

 How you benefit

Tax considerations must always be considered, especially when it comes to corporate restructuring, cross-border business, private investment, financing, and succession planning. In all cases, comprehensive and proactive tax advice and tax planning is essential in order to avoid unnecessary taxes. Professional support always pays in the long run. It is advantageous if tax and legal experts with different focal points are able to collaborate.

As part of our tax consulting activities, we have supported a wide variety of clients for many years in the execution of their current tax obligations. We are very familiar with difficult tax issues and challenges. In cross-border situations, we work with our clients’ existing advisors or rely upon our international network partners. It is important to actively serve our clients and not to burden them with unnecessary theoretical, lengthy, and incomprehensible explanations. We develop sustainable solutions for our clients that can stand up to tax audits.

Our tax advice serves private individuals, self-employed persons, sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations – a number of whom have international backgrounds. Many of our clients are manufacturing, retail, and software companies. We also have experience in private equity/venture capital, real estate, and film and media.

  • Tax declaration for operational and private sectors
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Management of extrajudicial and judicial proceedings
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Preparation of tax assessments
  • Tax planning and restructuring
  • Multiannual tax planning
  • Calculation of deferred taxes and tax packages
  • Transfer Pricing

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