Private Equity

High performance fund administration and tax compliance

The success of private equity and venture capital funds is primarily a matter of investment strategy and making the right investment decisions. An efficient and transparent fund administration with respect to taxation issues is particularly important in meeting the informational needs of investors in order to keep the fund free of compliance risks.

 How you benefit

For managers of private equity and venture capital funds, focusing on investors and investments is crucial. Efficient fund administration and tax compliance – which takes into account all aspects of common fund structures – support their core responsibilities. Outsourcing administration to a specialized and highly efficient service provider has significant cost advantages over building an in-house fund administration – and it can also be the safer option.

Through our many years of experience in private equity and venture capital funds, we have developed a deep understanding of industry-specific topics and business practices. This applies to funds of funds and direct investment companies. We are familiar with the major corporate structures and mechanisms for profit allocation.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer professional and efficient services in fund administration. Our expertise mainly covers the accounting, management, payment transactions, tax compliance, organization of capital calls, and distributions. We can also create presentations for fundraising and build the reporting systems for companies. Depending on the client requirements, we can offer a complete comprehensive service or an individual, tailored service package – and always with the ability to interface with our existing in-house resources.

Our clients in fund administration and tax compliance consist of foreign and domestic private equity and venture capital investment companies, independent fund managers, as well as private equity and venture capital divisions of large industrial corporations, insurance companies and banks. Our customer base has been built solely on references that we have acquired in the industry through reliable operations over many years, and our clients know that we always stand by them and work as proficient and committed partners.

  • Acquisition of complete accounting processes
  • Preparation and implementation of payments
  • Preparation of quarterly fund reports
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements in accordance with HGB and IFRS
  • Preparation of tax returns and tax information for investors
  • Offset and reconciliation of domestic shareholder shares from local GAAP to foreign funds, in accordance with tax features of German law
  • Supervision of auditors
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Data processing and preparation of fundraising presentations
  • Management of capital calls and dividend distributions to investors
  • Determination of compensation and interest until the final closing
  • Preparation and analysis of reporting for portfolio companies
  • Trustee services in relation to escrow accounts in case of exit portfolio companies
  • Financial due diligence/quick reviews for the acquisition of portfolio companies

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